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Grotto Update

Even though we didn’t make it to the grotto itself that first day, the progress was well worth it. By cleaning up that far side of the building it became not only easy to walk on, but a spot which could easily be planted out and made into a garden in its own right. We took something ugly and unused and made it usable, and with time and care it will grow more and more beautiful by the day.
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Care-free Orchids on Display

It’s comforting to know there is one type of collectible orchid that doesn’t constantly require fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide and water. In fact, there are at least two. Orchid stamps and orchid badges will be the focal point of Carol Zakahi’s display at the upcoming orchid show this July.
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Sharing is Caring

Bring your overgrown orchids to this month’s meeting to divide and donate a plant to hospice. Bring enough to share with members too, or just donate an orchid.

The club will provide pots, bark, fertilizer, and labeling sticks. Bring some cutters and newspaper for your area.

Orchids donated to hospice are a tax deduction. Besides, those neglected orchids of yours needed to be repotted anyway.
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Carl’s AOS Update

Aloha Members of the KDOC, Carl Nozaki here as your AOS Representative would like to invite you to start this 2013 year with an amazing choice of a membership in the American Orchid Society. The World-wide recognized society that give …
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Letter from the editor

As promised, here is the March newsletter. A week before the meeting, a day before the meeting … tomato-potato, right? I would like to make excuses and say it took me (much, much) longer than I thought, but that is …
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Orchids on the Rocks?

Rev. Jiko is very pleased that the KDOC is doing the Orchid Grotto for the Temple. Located in a narrow corridor above Kannon Hall, the proposed grotto would replace the essentially unused 13-foot wide gap between the main building and the Columbarium. The garden would mostly be seen from the four large picture windows inside Kannon Hall, but would also be prominently visible from the interior walkway connecting the two buildings.
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Chanda’s Banana Bread

Everybody has plenty of bananas they need to get rid of, and banana bread is easy to customize to your liking. I prefer mac nuts and chocolate chips … but you can use whatever you have growing in the yard to go along with it.
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