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South of the border Cymbidiums

This month the KDOC goes south of the border as Bob and Jennifer Harris of OrchidPeople in Waimea will be giving a talk on tropical cymbidiums at the October 9 meeting.

Cymbidiums are prized for their long-lasting sprays of flowers, used especially as cut flowers or for corsages in the spring. They require lots of light. Leaves are always a good indicator of proper light. They should be light green with a tinge of yellow – dark green means not enough light and your plants won’t bloom. Too much sun and the leaves will turn yellow or bleached white.
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Orchids on Display

The show and tell orchids got to participate in the monthly activities at the KDOC meeting on September 11, as Cheeta gave a hands-on program on how to set up different arrangements. She began by explaining the different types of …
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