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Custom Slippahs

If the slipper fits, go with it. Right?

Not if you’re Graham Wood, who specializes in breeding Paphiopedilums for Lehua Orchids in Mountain View.

“At first glance, you look at a Paphiopedilum, shrug and think ‘well, that looks good I guess,” Wood said during his presentation at the KDOC meeting on November 13. “And it does look okay. But when I look at them, I start thinking, what could make it look better?”
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An Orchid Christmas

Deck the Daifukuji Soto Mission Hall with orchids at the KDOC holiday party on December 11. Everyone should bring an orchid or pot to give away to another member. Orchid Bingo will be played to determine the order of gift …
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The Elephant Outside the Room

Noisy neighbors were a concern at the monthly Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on November 13, and that refers more than just the coquis. Some of the tenants behind Teshimas had their stereo cranked up so loud one could easily …
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