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All Things Dendrobium

Dendrobium specialist Leonard Gines was on hand at the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club monthly meeting on April 9 to discuss all things dendrobium. Dendrobium is a huge genus or orchids, containing about 1,200 species. Gines began his talk by explaining …
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Going Green with Hybrids

Gerrit Takasaki, the owner of Hawaii Hybrids in Hilo, will be the guest speaker at the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club monthly meeting on May 14 in Honalo.

With tens of thousands of species, orchids are the most prolific family of plants on Earth, and yet we humans have still found plenty of room for improvement. Maybe it’s because orchids are so easy to cross, or maybe it’s because breeding is at once both highly creative and demanding (like any fine art), but orchid breeders have introduced literally hundreds of thousands of named hybrids.
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Start collecting vases and pots

All members are asked to keep an eye out for any cool or unusual orchid vases from now until we “Celebrate with Orchids” on July 27, as vases and vessels will be the focal point of Carol Zakahi’s display at this year’s upcoming orchid show.
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April Minutes

Ballots were passed out and votes were cast at the KDOC meeting on April 9, and when the numbers were tallied the majority settled on “Celebration of Orchids” as the theme to this year’s upcoming orchid show.

There was also a vote for the 2015 show & sale date, and it was decided that the best time would be the third week in July (with the exact date being July 19, 2015).
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