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Lab project aims to revive rare Florida orchids

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — Orchid enthusiasts may soon no longer have to traipse through Florida’s swamps in search of rare blooms — they’ll just have to look up as they walk down busy sidewalks. Orchids growing in glass bottles …
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Orchids Yet Again Linked to Mystery

By Clint Zavodny

It’s no mystery that orchids are synonymous with mystery.

But in the 1972 “Columbo” episode “The Greenhouse Jungle,” orchids are involved in a mystery.

Well, sort of. Let’s just say the villain is an orchid aficionado. But “The Greenhouse Jungle” differs from most Columbo episodes in that no murder takes place in the opening scene.
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A Humble Orchid Musical Project

The Humble Project will present a special musical program at the monthly Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on June 11 at 7 p.m. in Honalo.

All KDOC members are asked to bring refreshments to the meeting, and of course as many blooming orchids as possible so we can really show off at show and tell.
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Which Orchid to Grow?

Gerrit Takasaki of Hawaii Hybrids in Hilo was on hand to discuss finding the right orchid at the monthly Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on May 14.

Outside the rain which poured throughout the night, with the omnipresent coquíes competing with the P.A. system inside for the ears attention.

“Ah, it really feels like home!” said Takasaki with a laugh. “The weather, the singing … and of course all these beautiful orchids.”
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Around the Island Orchid Tour 2014

Carmela Orchids and Newman’s Nursery will highlight this year’s Around the Island Tour on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

The Motorcoach tourbus will pick up the early birds at Greenwell Farms at 6:30 am, and everyone else can board in Kailua at Old Kona Airport at 7:00.

From there the tour will take the northern route to Hilo, stopping in Tex’s Drive-In
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Preparing Orchids for Show

Clean the pseudobulbs and leaves (water helps to soften the dry papery covering (cataphyll) around mature pseudobulbs so that you can gently rub it off). Make sure the media in the container is clean and free of weeds. Wipe the …
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How to Make Orchids Flow

Color flow in an orchid exhibit means that you shouldn’t put an orange in a group of lavenders. The colors should F~L~O~W~ from one to another gracefully like the rainbow.

By sticking to this rule you can avoid any bone-jarring clashes that might disturb judges and the public at large. Color flow will guarantee that a sense of serene well being will envelop all who view your exhibit. But most of all, color flow makes sense and provides a useful guideline for placing orchids in an orchid exhibit.
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Reaping the fruits of Around the Island Trips Past

Members in attendance at the May 14 KDOC meeting each walked away with a promising 2-year-old hybrid called “Rlc. Volcano Glory.”

The orchids were given to the club by Akatsuka Orchid Garden during the Around the Island Orchid Tour in 2012. The bus made a rest stop there, and since many members purchased orchids, they were awarded with a flask. Nancy Shibata was willing to pot and care for the orchids until they were big enough to pass on to members who went on the trip.
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