A Garden Blessing

Today we are celebrating the completion of the orchid grotto created by the members of the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club and presented to Daifukuji Soto Mission as a centennial gift.  We receive this gift with deep gratitude.

May this orchid grotto be a garden of awakening, a place of peace and tranquility where the cares of the world are forgotten and where the beauty of nature seeps into the human heart, loosening thoughts of self concern and desire that bind us to samsara.

May the beauty of each orchid fill our hearts and minds with love and compassion for ourselves, our families, and the people of our community & world. May the lotus plants rise and bloom, may the fishes swim happily in their pond, and may temple members and visitors take delight  in the colors and fragrance of this garden.

How truly thankful we are for the hard work carried out by chairperson Betty Matsuo and the members of the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club who gave of their precious time to make a plan, clear a path, carry stones, paint, and plant, and for their loving attention to each detail of the garden — the placement of each orchid, stepping stone, and rock.  We are also so very grateful for this lovely lava pot fish pond created by artist Mark Kimball.  We thank Mark for his generosity to the temple.

We realize that this temple has been able to serve our community for almost a hundred years due to the support, generosity, kindness, and loving kokua given by countless members, friends, and supporters such as the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club.  Now and in the years to come, may this orchid grotto be a garden where peace is cultivated, where the seeds of kindness are watered, and where compassion and joy blossom under sun and rain.

May the Buddha’s blessings of peace and compassion pervade the universe.

Namu kie butsu. Namu kie ho. Namu kie so.

- As given by Rev. Jiko on May 25, 2013 at the Daifukuji Soto Mission.

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