Amending the Constitution

Over the years, inconsistencies have cropped up within and among two major club documents: the club constitution and bylaws, and the club policies. In part, this is because no one on the Board is responsible for keeping the documents updated. At times, one or the other of these documents has been altered based on a change in a club position on an issue, but the changes have not been reflected in other parts of the documents. In addition the current documents do not always reflect the way the club is run. For example, we have considered the Board members to all be “officers” while the constitution and bylaws consider some to be “directors” rather than officers. It is also not clear if some of the directors should be appointed or elected. In addition, according to the constitution, standing committee chairpersons should be appointed, while we normally elect them, and it is not clear how long the standing committee chairpersons should serve and who decides what members serve on the committees.

Because of the inconsistencies and the need to revisit if the constitution reflects how we currently want the club to run, Dick, along with the current Board members, is working to both merge and amend the two documents for clarity. The Board is currently planning to have a draft of the new constitution, bylaws, and policies available for a vote of the membership in May.

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