April Minutes

Ballots were passed out and votes were cast at the KDOC meeting on April 9, and when the numbers were tallied the majority settled on “Celebration of Orchids” as the theme to this year’s upcoming orchid show.

However, there were also three write-in votes with variations of the verbiage of “Celebration of Orchids.” A vote of hands was taken on the variations, and the active title “Celebrate with Orchids” was settled on. The 2014 theme was chosen to align with the 100th anniversary of the Daifukuji temple.

There was also a vote for the 2015 show & sale date, and it was decided that the best time would be the third week in July (with the exact date being July 19, 2015).

Joyce announced that she would do the chair for this year’s orchid show. (Mahalo!) She also passed around sign-up sheets for the show; members are asked to double-check their assignments.

New groups were announced at the April meeting, but because not all members received the list before the meeting, members were told to remain with their former groups in April, and start with their new groups in May.

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