Carl’s AOS Update

Aloha KDOC!

Just want to say thank you for your membership to the AOS and also for your expertise in growing orchids. Just last month I confessed to the club that I am having difficulty pollinating my vanilla. From the last meeting I only had one chance to pollinate my vanilla. I have my fingers double crossed for it to work!! Thank you Ellen and others who have clearly explained the process! Pollination attempt happened 4/3/13. So we will see!!

For this past AOS March Edition of the bulletin, I strongly recommend everyone read Karma Forester’s article,”Growing Orchids at the 57th Parallel North”. It is an ongoing series of her orchid growing dilemma of losing her collection to fungus and other complications; then pulling through by making a simpler system.
This article really made me feel of what we all go through as orchid growers. We will always try our best for our plants. We also try our best to have a good system to make all our plants happy. This article really explains where all of us as orchid growers have been and what we had to do to make success happen with our collection. Read it!

Another point I want to say about this ORCHID bulletin is again the novice article. It brings so much focus for a grower. This “Give Me Some Air”; talks about humidity and air flow importance for orchids. In Kona our humidity is on the low and on the dry side. We have the air flow with the lively winds but mixing more humidity can benefit our plants. The article talks about creating humidity tricks and tips for our plants.
From your AOS representative, please let me know if you need some help with becoming a member of the American Orchid Society. Cheers! AOS registration can be done online.

By Carl Nozaki
KDOC AOS Representative

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