Vanda Culture

vandaKaren Kimmerle of Island Sun Orchids will be giving a talk on vanda culture at the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club’s monthly meeting on August 14.

Karen and her husband, Dale, moved to the Big Island in 1975. They started Island Sun Orchids 20 years ago in Kapoho, on the north side of the easternmost point of the island. The Kimmerles have a relatively small farm in their backyard (about 10,000 sq ft), and their home is at an elevation of 150 feet.

“We have more trees around the land and it rains a little more than the cut flower farms in the Kapoho area,” Karen said.

“Vandas are a particular love because of the beautiful colors and plant habit. They like growing in our area too so we have dedicated one section of our greenhouses to growing these rewarding plants.”

Business Meeting:
1. Secretary’s minutes posted, explained as needed.
2. Treasurer’s report posted, explained as needed.
3. Updates: Grace Kiawe’s funeral, around the island tour, orchid show, chairperson’s reports, orchid grotto upkeep.
4. old business: lost & found items
5. new business: Group leaders, please select 1 member from your group to be on the officer nominating committee for November elections.
A discussion on if the membership wants to change the constitution to include $50.00 to be given to a deceased members family, an increase over the $25.00 currently in the constitution.

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