Carl’s June AOS Update

carl-orchidAloha KDOC!

I am so excited for this up coming show and also for the up coming responsibility as the Food Committee Chairman. Thank you for all your support. The menu should be easy and fun. I hope everyone will enjoy.

June’s AOS magazine this month is great. There was an article called “Glicestein’s Monsters”. It is such a cool article! I cant imagine having the power to create new of orchid hybrids! Also to have the access as Mr. Glicestein did with species and color palate of all kinds of orchids from the Hoosier Orchid Company to work with! Amazing!

I am very happy to just be a consumer of these cool creations and really don’t want to dive in to hybridizing orchids. Although it would be cool to have one or two orchids that I can call my ‘Monsters’. I have to mention that my first experience on our island of a breeder of orchids is through Bob and Jennifer. They do some amazing work at their nursery. Mahalo for sharing all your creations first hand with us at the KDOC.

Another article that I want to mention and recommend everyone to read is “Talking To Your Orchids”. The article is about how visible signs of plants can lead us to do the right thing for your orchids. The orchid plant’s roots, leaves, and medium tell us what we need to do with water, light, and food. Now really who is doing the talking now?! As for me I feel my orchids are screaming at me when I find my plants not happy. This article really help me take more thought of what my orchids are telling me.

Good luck to everyone in preparing for this coming Orchid Show 2013, I am excited to see what we can amaze and let everyone know in Kona of our amazing orchid club.

Carl Nozaki
American Orchid Society Representative


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