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Beauty and Science: the orchid evolves

By Charles Donelan
For thousands of years, the far-flung and diverse family of flowering plants known as orchidaceae has exerted a powerful influence on human culture. From the legendary Orchid Pavilion Gathering in dynastic China, circa 353 CE, to Charlie Kaufman’s 2002 film Adaptation, orchids have been enmeshed with the highest levels of human cultural aspiration.
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New Orchid Species Discovered in Chile

Santiago (EFE) – A group of researchers at the School of Forestry Sciences at Chile’s Universidad de Concepcion have discovered a new species of orchid, which they have dubbed Bipinnula gabriel.

This significant discovery, led by Pablo Bravo, is the result of a more than four-year study of a plant found in the Putu area, 258 kilometers (160 miles) south of Santiago.
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Lab project aims to revive rare Florida orchids

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — Orchid enthusiasts may soon no longer have to traipse through Florida’s swamps in search of rare blooms — they’ll just have to look up as they walk down busy sidewalks. Orchids growing in glass bottles …
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The Best Orchid Pots

By Courtney Barnes
The Wall Street Journal

Each year, around this time, orchids have a moment. Botanical gardens from New York to Atlanta to London fill their glass houses with exotically speckled and striated blooms that ignore unpleasant realities such as polar vortexes, and blithely evoke tropical climes. These annual displays offer winter-weary visitors a chance to see the sort of opulent species that rarely show up at their local nurseries.

In Victorian England, however, when plant hunters first brought orchids back from South America or Asia, any variety was literally an otherworldly sight—and dangerously out of its element.
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Ventures in Vanilla

By Catherine Cluett

Deep in one of Molokai’s lush east valleys, a translucent, arched roof frames green peaks and greener foliage as far as the eye can see.

“These are the girls!” says Patty McCartney with motherly pride, stepping through the door and glancing around fondly. She tilts her head to get a closer look at each, brushing them gently with her hand and telling them they’re beautiful and growing well.

The girls are vanilla plants, a type of orchid vine producing beans that hold one of the world’s most popular flavors and fragrances.
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