Constitution Talk Story

The Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club set a record for shortest business meeting of all time in February. True to the agenda, there was no new business, no old business, and by 7:05 the food was coming out.

There were a few things to keep in mind from February, however. Membership dues are past due, so everyone should be sure and pay their group leader at the next meeting if you have not done so already.

Groups will be rotating again at the March meeting to help even out the numbers. Please tell membership chair Ikaika if you carpool with another person(s), etc, and you need to be or remain in a particular group. It is not meant to be an inconvenience, rather a means to even out the number of people in each group and possibly to help members interact with new people.

Also, an orchid show chairperson is needed for this year’s upcoming orchid show, as well as a greeter chair. The orchid show chair would oversee the entire show; the greeter just needs to be able to make bows.

George led a discussion on KDOC constitution, and the panel of members which met to update the constitution last October all sat at the head table in front to answer any questions.

Dick stated that the last time they met and decided to amend the constitution, they realized there really wasn’t much to change because there was a lot of stuff already in there.

“My feeling is that it is a reference document,” Dick said.  “I don’t expect people to memorize it.  But, in order to spend the least time possible in meetings on improving or changing the constitution, it might be appropriate to read it before anyone pontificates, or confuses everyone by simply making up a rule.  Then the pontificator can evaluate whether their idea’s are already covered or whether what they plan to offer is actually an improvement.”

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