Cymbidium Orchid Tips

Cymbidium (sym-BID-ee-um) Orchids are prized for their long-lasting sprays of flowers.

F E R T I L I Z E cymbidiums regularly. They like to be fed a lot!
Orchidpeople offers 2 kinds of fertilizer • Use one or both.

Water Soluble – 16-4-20 – “Super” Cymbidium Orchid Food
Dissolve in water, 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
Fertilize 2-4 times a month.
Time Release – 12-4-16 – “Super” Cymbidium Orchid Food
Place on top of potting mix, 1 teaspoon = 5” pot, 2 teaspoons = gallon pot.
Fertilize every 6 months.

L I G H T is important for growing cymbidiums. They like part sun to full sun as long
as they have at least one good pseudo bulb on them (if they are very young then I keep
them under 50% shade for about 6 months to a year). Leaves should be a medium to
golden green in color, not dark green.

W A T E R provide a constant supply of moisture to cymbidiums, which are semiterrestial
plants. Water them at least twice a week. Except for the most epiphytic
cymbidiums (canaliculatum, madidum, aloifolium etc.) they like to have roots kept
moist. The epiphytic ones like it dry in winter to initiate flowering.

M E D I A use orchid bark &/or cinder. For good drainage, use larger bark or
styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of the pot.

R E P O T when the pots have split, or when the bulbs have grown over the sides or
there are many dormant back bulbs. Or every three years whichever comes first.

D I V I D I N G When dividing cymbidiums, keep at least 3 bulbs to a division.
Back bulbs can be germinated in lightly soaked and drained bark and placed in a ziplock
bag and sealed until they germinate, 1-6 months.

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