Dry Grotto Pond Awaits Lava Pot

This attractive, sculpted lava pot is hand made in Mark Kimbell’s studio in Holualoa, Hawaii.

This decorative container will be placed in the dry pond, just outside the back door of Kannon Hall. The pot will be filled with water, featuring moon fish and guppies,  and ultimately with a white lotus will be placed in the center.

Made of a unique high strength stone like composite, the lava pots are similar in strength and appearance to stoneware pottery.  Like stone ware they are watertight and will not sweat or weep.

They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes.  All container styles are available from smooth, to deeply weathered.  Both the inside and outside are coated with a high quality acrylic-urethane glazing.

Another photo shows the “large dragon egg” style of lava pot that is planned for the Orchid Grotto at the Temple. These photos are not of the actual piece, which is still in process.The piece selected for the orchid grotto is referred to as a large dragon egg and will be Waimea brown in color, and retails for $1600.00 dollars. Luckily the KDOC has some good friends!

Mark graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii in 1976, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics.  After graduation, he felt drawn to the Big Island and chose to live and work in the rural artist and farming community of Holualoa.  In 1989, continuing to pursue his passion for sculpture, he began to experiment with locally available materials.  Eventually he designed a composite lava-like material that does not require firing, is waterproof, and is plastic enough to be formed on the potter’s wheel.

Mark enjoys the simple natural beauty of weathered lava in the Hawaiian landscape.  This is the inspiration for his sculptural pieces.  He specializes in making large lava-like pieces that are used creatively in many island homes for purposes such as containers for plants, water features, fire pots, fountains, fishponds, reflecting pools, and durable lavascape sculptures.

His work may also be seen in many resorts and galleries throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

For more information see on Mark and his sculpting process check out lavapotshawaii.com

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