Getting Creative with Dendrobiums

The program for May is titled “Creatively Planting Dendrobiums.” The KDOC will be repotting or mounting dendrobiums that were donated from Gary Chen of Winning Orchids.

Members should bring a pot, hapu, bark, a rock, or whatever they would like to attach their orchid to, as well as potting medium (bark, moss, cinder etc.) and wire or string to attach. The more unusual and creative idea the better!

There will also be an Orchid Raffle featuring new orchids from Gary Chen and Kalapana Tropicals. Members are encourages to bring raffle plants or plants to sell.

Some dendrobium basics that you don’t HAVE to know, but is interesting:

Dendrobium orchids have adapted to a wide variety of habitats ranging from the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains to lowland tropical forests and even to the dry climate of the Australian desert.

This genus of sympodial orchids develop pseudobulbs, which vary in length and resemble cane. A few grow into long reed-like stems. Leaf bases form sheaths that completely envelope the stem.

These orchids grow quickly during the summer, but take a rest during winter.

Dormant buds erupt into shoots from the base of the pseudobulb mainly in spring, and a few species in autumn. This is then followed by rapid growth of new roots.

Reproduction is usually through seed, but a few species reproduce asexually through keikis produced along the stem, usually after flowering and sometimes as a result of injury to the growing tip.

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