History of the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club

After a series of informal meetings at the Kona Daifukuji Mission, the Funjinkai members of the church held its organizational meeting with the general public in October of 1982.
My friend Alice Jenkins had heard about this orchid club forming so she insisted that we go. There were 19 original members that formed the club at the church hall. Charter members were: Alice Jenkins, Carol Zakahi, Hazel Sasaoka, Emi Udea, Fujiko Akamatsu, Evelyn Kadooka, Ann Crisafi, Yaeko Hakoda, Hanako Uemoto, Ruby Murasaki, Nancy Shibata, Hatsuko Matsuo, Mildred Oshima, Betty Matsuo, Janet Kawamoto, Hilda Sugai, Yoshie Tanaka, and Asako Nakamoto. Our advisor of the club was the only male member who was Tom Kadooka. The name of the club was decided then because most of the members were from the church.
The first formal meeting was held on December 9, 1982 at the church hall. The club then consisted of 31 members in all. A plant sale then netted $54.00.
As of April 11, 2013, there are only eight charter members left in the club, two that now retired and the rest deceased. Since then, we have celebrated our 30th year, being the first orchid club in Kona. We have had a show and sales every year, club outings, developed a newsletter, now with a web site, created orchid badges for milestones and now working on a community project for the church through a generous funding by two of our past members who passed away.
The club is an affiliate of the American Orchid Society which reaches the rest of the world of orchids.
We also honor an “Orchidist of the Year” award annually.
Becoming a member of our club requires participation and a genuine interest in orchids and friendship. Our club retains a small membership following the advice of our late advisor, that all members be actively involved in perpetuating the club.

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