In Bloom: The $20,000 Orchid

20000 OrchidYeah that’s right. This orchid was brought from its natural habitat in Thailand – no hybridization, a real gift from mother nature – to the Big Island of Hawaii, where it now resides at Akatsuka Orchid Gardens in Volcano. It was awarded a First Class Certificate (FCC) for size and symmetry in 1991, receiving 91 out of a possible 100 points.
Propagation through hybridization will decrease the value of the plant. Propagation by cloning has been unsuccessful, so propagation can only be done through division.
This is not the only plant like this in the world, but it is the only one of it’s kind with perfect symmetry & registered with the American Orchid Society.
Coincidentally, this high dollar beauty just began its annual bloom two weeks ago, and should stay in bloom for about two months.
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