It Was an Awesome Show and Sale!

Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, this year’s 30th Anniversary Show and Sale, “Kona’s Orchids Through Time,” was a great success. The show combined a bit of old and new. Many wonderful things were back: the sale, with its profusion of colorful blossoms; the racks of member’s beautiful plants for show; the volcano centerpiece, which is always a striking display; the shoe tree; the tent with the expert advice and do-it-yourself leis; the greeters, with their corsages; and, of course, the refreshments in the back.

New this year were the screens conveying our 30-year history, thanks to the great combined efforts of Dick and Carl. What a wonderful addition! And, who didn’t get a bit teary-eyed reading Carol’s story about Vanda Miss Joaquim and the friends she had known through the years?  It was even more beautiful than the many blossoms on the table. Carol outdid even her usual table display this year, which is an achievement.

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