Letter from the editor

As promised, here is the March newsletter. A week before the meeting, a day before the meeting … tomato-potato, right? I would like to make excuses and say it took me (much, much) longer than I thought, but that is simply not true. I knew it would take forever and I knew it would be a pain in the ass. That’s why I didn’t eagerly volunteer before. But I was cornered, Sarah was desperate, and of course I was ultimately very honored to accept the position as editor in chief. I enjoy journalism immensely and I tried to do it for years without starving, but ultimately I was pulled into more lucrative computer-related jobs because at some point you have to pay the bills. So in order to appreciate journalism, I had to come to view it as a hobby, and as with any hobby you enjoy enough, it grows into an art. Then, as the case was here, it becomes all-consuming.

After I returned home from the February meeting, it was then that I realized that I had not read or seen the last four newsletters. Quite honestly, I felt like an idiot because I didn’t know we got the full thing by email (and here I am a computer person that lives by email), and I was always waiting to read it at the meetings. I thought they only came printed, but then there wasn’t one, or I never saw one, and I guess at some point I just assumed there were no newsletters. Of course, I’m sure they were always there tacked on the board, so again I have no valid excuse.

But once I sat down here at my computer and searched “kdoc” in my massively messy inbox, well, there popped up the last four issues or Orchids in Paradise, all bold and unread. So I read through them, and must say I enjoyed them thoroughly! They were stuffed full of useful information, and I just want to say thanks to Pauline for doing a terrific job. And I do mean job.

And that first day I sat down, scratching my head and wondering how I was going to full even four whole pages. But after talking to Carol and Ellen, then attending the grotto work parties, well, suddenly I had tons of information to put in. I Barely fit it in six … and at one point I really thought we were going to have eight. I could use more pictures though, hint, hint, and I’m counting on you Esta for that feature next month. Also, nobody sent me any classifieds yet I see people selling orchids at every meeting.

The creation of the website naturally mirrored the creation of the new print newsletter. I sat down with the copies of Pauline’s newsletters and began to archive them onto the website, which in turn helped me get a feel for how this whole thing was going to be structured. From there, I just tried to approach the it with the same mindset as I would with any of my garden projects. I chose to go with the timeless LA Times look and feel, because I like the classy yet simple design it portrays. Then it proceeded to eat up a great portion of my life.

-Clint Zavodny

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