Maintaining the Grotto

At the October meeting, it was decided that we should not replenish or add plants in the orchid grotto until we see how much the current ones grow.

Concerns were expressed as to whether the plants in the award-winning orchid grotto were getting enough water. The irrigation system can be adjusted, but too much water could lead to weeds. The plants were last fertilized in May with 9-ounce Osmocote, so they may need to be fertilized again in mid-January.

When members of Group Two reported to the grotto for maintenance in September, they arrived around 8:30 and were there for about an hour and 45 minutes. However, there was a function at the temple and they had some problems communicating because they didn’t want to disturb the temple members. Rev. Jiko said it was okay that the KDOC members where there, but any scheduled meetings could be found on their website ( for anyone interested. Rev. Jiko also offered to call if there was an unexpected funeral.

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