Carl’s AOS Update

Aloha Members of the KDOC,

Carl Nozaki here as your AOS Representative would like to invite you to start this 2013 year with an amazing choice of a membership in the American Orchid Society. The World-wide recognized society that give you an array of benefits with just a year cost of $65. It gives you a subscription of the monthly magazine ‘Orchids’. Amazing pictures and amazing articles. Your love of orchids will grow when you learn about orchid in cultivation and also orchids in conservation. Which is the mission of this Society.

“The mission of the American Orchid Society is to promote and support the passion of orchids through education, conservation and research.”

Another amazing benefit is the use of the online massive information on membership section. I myself still have yet to use all the resources provided.

There are many more benefits with this membership that I have not covered but Please Please Please see me of you are interested in a membership.

As for this months Orchid subscription available for the all club members to borrow I urge everyone to read the article in the novice section, titled “Once More with Feeling”. It starts off the article with “Here’s the secret you need to know to growing orchids successfully: More orchids are killed by overwatering than by underwatering…”

Which is so true!! As any orchid grower does experience the dreadful orchid graveyard…I myself have given a double check on my watering practices due to this article.

Another section that is so very cool is the article talking about solving the mystery of the Origin of the Tahitian Vanilla. I guess it caught my eye cause I myself have my first cluster of flowers.

Vanilla orchid

I am so excited to practice my pollination on these flowers. I myself have had multiple occasions to try this but have never been successful in getting beans. So crossing my fingers again. Here is a picture of my vine.

Mahalo for all the current members of the AOS that are within the KDOC. You can be true examples and date your benefits of the amazing society.

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