March Madness

There were times at the March monthly meeting when the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club felt a bit divided, and not just because groups were re-organized before break.

Apparently some rumors had been flying around about the grotto project, and not all of it was positive. Dick was justifiably confused, and addressed the group saying he had spoken to Rev. Jiko numerous times about the grotto and she was in full support.

Unfortunately, this discussion began just moments after the meeting had technically adjourned, and most everyone was already en route to the refreshment table. But as the minutes passed, questions started popping out and the conversation heated up. More and more people turned around and returned to their seats to hear. What didn’t people like about the project? Who was it that didn’t like the project? Was it people in the temple, or people in our group, or a bit of both?

By this point, the room had gotten quiet again and most everyone had returned their attention to the front, where Dick was having no luck finding real answers. Then Carol stood up, looked around at everyone gathered together closely in the hall, asserted that we all need to stay together as a group, especially when we are supposed to be working together.

No one could argue with that, so in order to best to get everything out in the open and make sure all concerns were properly addressed, another meeting with Rev. Jiko and the Temple Board was scheduled for later in the month.

The program for the March meeting was dividing orchids for Hospice. Members brought their overgrown orchids, split them in half and re-potted them. The “new” orchids resulting from the split were then donated to Hospice. The Kona Hospice has a greenhouse and should be an ideal home for these orchids, and hopefully the beauty of their blooms will brighten someone’s day.

Groups were re-organized at the March meeting, and following the break the new groups were announced and divided, bringing a start to this year’s KDOC Blooming Plants Contest for groups. Basically, the contest is to see which group brings the most orchids to show and tell. Group leaders will track how many plants their group brings each month, and whichever group brings the most plants by the end of the year will get a special prize.
In other business news, Anna presented the results of her orchid program survey. At the February meeting members were asked to fill out a survey on what programs they liked best and least. The most favored program was guest speakers, followed by zones where orchids grow, potting, mounting, etc. If anyone has any more ideas on programs for our monthly meetings, please see Anna.

All members need to sign a liability waiver for the Temple. Waivers were passed out at meeting, many were signed and returned; if you have not signed one already please do so.

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