Carl’s May AOS update

Aloha KDOC Members,

It is so much fun and so awesome on how we gather together as a club to address this addiction of Orchids. It is interesting when someone gets bitten by that Orchid bug they want to know and see everything about orchids. Recently my boss at work has been showing symptoms of this sickness!

AOS Magazine cover, May 2013Every month I hope everyone does get their AOS magazine. If your not a member please sign up. Just to let you folks know now you can electronically receive your ORCHIDS magazine now! I have switch to this method now. It saves the environment and gives you less magazine clutter. It also gives me readily access to read it anywhere. This magazine really gives me a dosage of information of orchid growing to alleviate my addiction. Worldwide the AOS lets me know that I am not the only one who thinks orchids are the coolest and most amazing plants on the planet!

This month Bulbophyllum is highlighted.   A large article is printed to give you the full story of how this species is grown and hybridized for our enjoyment. Now everyone can bring in bulbophyllums just like Betty! I love this species cause of there cute delicate flowers and their compact nature. Also these plant have an awesome growing habit where it is easy to divide and share with others…hint hint… Betty, Nancy, and Yoshie. Hehehe. :-)

So yes yes. An update on my vanilla vine. Two Flowers finally caught! After few more tries I have figured out you really need to stick that pollen in there. And that flap, it is like a spring and it can pop that pollen right out! Here is what it looks like now. Exciting!!

A picture of Carl's vanilla vine, showing two of the flowers which were successfully pollinated


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