Mystery Meeting

Orchids have always been somewhat mysterious, so it’s fitting that the program for this month’s Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting will be a surprise presentation by Cheeta on September 11. Members should bring lots of show and tell orchids.

Of course, members should always bring lots of show and tell orchids, especially now that each group is keeping count. Group leaders will give a tally at the September meeting to let everyone know where they stand heading into the final months of competition. The group who has brought the most total show and tell orchids throughout the year will be given a special prize at the Christmas party.

Speaking of prizes, several lucky orchid growers will leave the September meeting with their own orchid badge. Carol donated several pins that where part of her display to the club, and there will be a raffle to decide who gets them.

At the August meeting, it was clear that this year’s KDOC orchid show was a huge success. Joyce posted the treasurer’s report from July along with the orchid show and sale summary. The show grossed $3,237.00 along with $74.50 proceeds at the membership table and $636.00 collected at the calabash. Jennifer reported that the ticker count was 643 people.

Betty reported that this was the first year in which the Plant Sale Committee sold every plant that they purchased for sale. Janet thanked the cashiers at the sale booth who worked very hard the first half hour and she said the money came out to the penny.

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