Orchids get technical

Ah, spring. Change is everywhere. Including, as you might notice, on our newsletter. Also including, as you probably have not noticed judging by google analytics, are many changes to the website.

However, considering 10-percent of our group doesn’t even have email, I imagine that this is all probably very confusing. Thus in an attempt to simplify things, I hope that I am not further complicating them.

Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club now has a website, www.kdoc.us, which mirrors the newsletter with all of these stories and more. I thought it best to keep the domain name short, so everyone could easily remember it. We also have a Facebook page now, as two of you have discovered, and it is located at facebook.com/orchidsinparadise.

But enough technical talk. Like I said, things were getting confusing. Ikaika and I were discussing this at last month’s meeting. as I was trying to compile the newsletter list.
That problem is largely solved now that Ikaika has sent around the updated orchid club directory, but what if you needed to contact someone in the group and didn’t have that on hand? Sure you know the email addresses of the half dozen or so people you regularly talk to, but what if you need to suddenly track down the head of a certain committee?

Plus, that list is always changing, as every year many of us are able to pawn our committee chairs off on some one else.

You may have noticed (probably not, but maybe) that Ikaika’s email was sent from “membership@kdoc.us.” After registering our website domain name – kdoc.us – I integrated a simple email forwarding system.

Basically, I can format an email address as anyname@kdoc.us (where anyname can be anything) and then forward that a “real” or existing email address. So if you were to have replied to Ikaika’s email, or composed a new email and sent it to membership@kdoc.us, the email message would have been forwarded to his gmail account, where he would have received it. Likewise, you can send a message to me at editor@kdoc.us or info@kdoc.us and it will forward to my hotmail account, where I will read it.

The added benefit here is that, in the future, if someone else were to be the membership committee chair, for example, they could still send the email to membership@kdoc.us, and it would forward to the correct person.

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