Orchids on Display

Members of group 2 pose (perhaps unexpectedly) with their “tabletop display” at the monthly KDOC meeting on September 11.The show and tell orchids got to participate in the monthly activities at the KDOC meeting on September 11, as Cheeta gave a hands-on program on how to set up different arrangements.

She began by explaining the different types of situations one may be confronted with when dealing with an orchid arrangement, and how to best handle each. For example, a tabletop display is easily photographed, but space is limited, so it is important how you use the space that is available.

Against the wall displayCheeta brought a truckload of display accessories (literally). Each group was assigned a different type of arrangement – tabletop, standalone, or against the wall – and set to work. In no time at all, all of the assorted props were mixed together, orchids that were brought for show and tell were put into the spotlight, and members were able to briefly enjoy and photograph the beautiful displays before we all tore them down again.

In the course of the September business meeting, there was a discussion about the possibility of moving the date of the annual orchid show to another month, as there was some concern about having the show and sale the last week in July because the Hilo show is always the following week. However that idea was ultimately nixed, and the club then voted weekend to hold the orchid show in the month of July – the 6th or the 27th. July 27 was settled on by an overwhelming majority, but there was general agreement that the club should attempt to reserve a date in mid-July in the future.

There was further discussion as to whether there should be a constitutional amendment to raise the doller amount given to a family when the member dies. The amount the club gives is currently $25. There was also discussion about whether to money should go to the family or whether it should be donated to the American Orchid Society (AOS) in the member’s name. A motion was made and seconded to donate $50 to the AOS in the member’s name. However, due to the low turnout at the September meeting, there were not enough members present to pass the amendment, as it would have required 27 votes (one half the membership plus 1). Only 26 members were present at the meeting.

The issue will be brought up again at the October meeting.

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