Orchids on the Rocks?

3D model of proposed orchid grottoRev. Jiko is very pleased that the KDOC is doing the Orchid Grotto for the Temple. Located in a narrow corridor above Kannon Hall, the proposed grotto would replace the essentially unused 13-foot wide gap between the main building and the Columbarium. The garden would mostly be seen from the four large picture windows inside Kannon Hall, but would also be prominently visible from the interior walkway connecting the two buildings.

Dick worked out difficulties such as electricity, safety of walking, etc., and took photographs of the surrounding area … then proceeded to sketch out a plan and create a detailed model of the grotto project. The model shows how pukas could carved out for orchids along the existing lava rock wall, and where stepping stones would be placed at the top, above the orchids on flatter terrain. The path will allow for the three-foot gap needed away from the building for draining, termiting and general building maintenance, as well as provide ease of access in caring for the orchids.

View of site for orchid grotto, with Kannon Hall on the left and the Columbarium on the right. The space in between is 13 feet.

The above picture shows the proposed site for the grotto, with Kannon Hall on the left and the Columbarium on the right.

Looking back on the site from the other side, with Kannon Hall on the right.

The following picture shows the same site, but was taken from the opposite side (with Kannon Hall on the right).

Needless to say, the Temple approved this project when Dick presented them with his display and plans, and they are excited about the KDOC’s involvement.

There is another area along the north side of the Columbarium where a pathway can be built to allow safe access to this garden. Betty Matsuo is chairperson of the Grotto Project, and Joyce Hancock will assist. We are looking for a volunteer plumber.

In other KDOC news, all positions for this year have now been successfully filled. In desperate need of a chairperson for the 2013 Orchid Show, Stephanie stepped up to the challenge but acknowledged a empathetic plea for help, as she has only attended one show herself. Hunter will do our around the island orchid trip, and there is currently a trip planned for July 13th.

With that in mind, this year’s orchid show date is July 28th. Carol has an idea for a special display of orchid stamps and pins. There was a discussion on making this year’s center display the grotto itself, as a sort of before-and-after example of what can be done with orchids. Since this year’s show is of yet untitled and unthemed, Dick suggested “Orchids on the Rocks.”

A memorial service for Jim and Norma Lathrop was held recently, Joyce, Janet, Melanie etc. attended, In the a.m. their ashes were scattered and the urns placed in the colubarium afterwards. She said it was very nice, they purchased white Dendrobiums for an arrangement, Melanie donated a basket and it was lovely, with their photos.

New Groups will be announced in March, there will be a contest to see who brings the most display plants with a prize at the end of the year.

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