Quantum Orchids

Joyce Hancock will give a presentation about using probiotics on your orchid plants at the next Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on February 11.

Probiotic growth enhancers are used to increase orchid quality and health.

In the wild, orchids grow in an environment flush with beneficial microbes and nutrients, such as on the decaying bark of a tree in a rain forest. When grown indoors, orchids lose access to the interactions with these vital “helpers and nutrients”.

The probiotics supplement and restore these beneficial microbes and nutrients to orchids and bring them closer to their natural environment, which in turns help them grow better.

Benefits of Probiotics Include:

• Helps orchids recover from damage by disease and environmental stress.
• Increased blooms w brighter colors.
• Increased root growth & thickness.
• Promotes lush growth.
• Safe for use around people and pets.

In the February business meeting, the club will attempt to fill out Project and Standing Committee positions for 2015.

The task will be much easier if people will volunteer to either chair or staff the different positions, so if any Group Leaders know anyone who is particularly eager to work on a certain committee, please encourage them to volunteer. Otherwise we may be forced to draw names from a hat.

There will be Show-and-Tell at the February meeting, so if you have a plant in bloom, please bring it in to share.

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