Queen of Orchids

By Carol Zakahi
KDOC Historian

IMG_4286-editThe queen of orchids are usually kept for the cattleyas. And usually, they are the ones that are the largest and they bring much attention to themselves.

In the case of our club’s “Queen of Orchids”, we are referring to a member that demonstrates all the qualities of one that is totally in love with orchids – Nancy Shibata.

I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to know this wonderful person for the past 30 plus years in the orchid club. Not bringing much attention to herself, usually just sitting in the same place….in the front where she wants to make sure she hears the officers, speakers and keep up to date of what is going around her.

Not only that but she does participate in all that she can do, including setting up those heavy tables and chairs, bringing such ono refreshments, giving away extra plants and doing demonstrations, giving us names that she does not have to read from that tag, and the list goes on.

She has never missed a meeting, participated in almost every event, got to be our first orchidist of the year. Whether it be the mountain or ocean, this lady has done everything she could possibly do in her lifetime.
We honor such an incredible lady with first class thoughts befitting a queen. She even lets us know that she is retiring from the orchid club, but she will be there if we need her orchids to show.

Let all our members be aware of how much each and everyone of us can contribute to the welfare of our club. Having a member like Nancy makes us aware of what can be done no matter how young or old you are.

Congratulations Nancy for being with us all these years. I do hope that you will come now and then to support us yet.

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