Repotting Dendrobiums

Hundreds of dendrobiums were donated to be used in the grotto, and some of that surplus overflowed into the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club’s monthly meeting on May 8.

Each member was allowed to select two orchids, and then Betty Matsuo showed the club how to prepare their dendrobiums for repotting.

Since the plants were planted in clear pots and had been subjected to sunlight, there was a lot of green slime growing around the roots, all of which needed to be cleaned out before being repotted.

Betty removed a dendrobium from its container, and pulled out all of the old medium using her fingers. She used a pair of tweezers to get at the sphagnum moss that was caught in the base of the plant, and emphasized getting all of the black, dead roots off.

Betty noted the importance of sterilizing your tools, and used a propane torch to flame her tools as she went.

Once the roots were cleaned of dead roots and old medium, the orchid was planted in a new pot with the old growth in the back, giving the lead room to grow out. Betty used New Zealand medium bark and large sponge rock as her planting medium.

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