Sharing is Caring

Diving one overgrown orchid into two

Bring your overgrown orchids to this month’s meeting to divide and donate a plant to hospice. Bring enough to share with members too, or just donate an orchid.

The club will provide pots, bark, fertilizer, and labeling sticks. Bring some cutters and newspaper for your area. Orchids donated to hospice are a tax deduction. Besides, those neglected orchids of yours needed to be repotted anyway.

Groups will be re-arranged at this month’s meeting on March 13, but group leaders will stay the same. Groups will change right before eating. The contest for the group that brings the most show and tell orchids starts Wednesday with the announcement of the new groups.

The Kona Orchid society has invited KDOS members to sell orchids at their Mother’s Day Show and Sale. KOS takes 20% and will mail vendors a check within a week. Several members could join together and go as a group if not wanting to enter individually, or the KDOC could put also enter a display as a whole. In addition to earning money, the benefit is lots of fun, and getting to be there for the free lectures makes it worthwhile. Plus you can hang out with AOS judges, who will answer all your questions during the slow times. There will be prizes for 1st place in 10 categories with ribbon judging by people, not AOS judges. Talk to Phoenicia. More info at the meeting.

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