Sheldon Speaks

Sheldon Takasaki of Carmela Orchids and his wife Pearl joined us in April. Sheldon shared an interesting presentation about Carmela Orchids that he had previously shown to a group in Miami. His talk focused on the history of marketing orchids throughout the years and he noted how the trends and markets had shifted. He is now growing about 50% cattleyas and also big vandas.

Sheldon Takasaki speaking on Honohono Orchids

Sheldon Takasaki speaking on Honohono Orchids

Sheldon also provided us with a demonstration on propagating honohono orchids. By sacrificing a cane which would bloom, you can grow new plants from it. Cut the cane between each node and lay the pieces on a tray with sphagnum moss. Each node will grow a keiki with roots which can then be planted. He said that, if you cross two white honohonos, you usually get pink ones. Because there is a shortage of white hohonos, it is best to propagate them from cuttings.

Sheldon, along with James Fang from Hilo Orchid Farm, generously donated a number of cattleya plants to the club which were distributed by raffle between the members present at the meeting.

Mahalo to Ellen for providing this information in the minutes from the April meeting

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