Spring Cleaning

The Buddha statue rests in the center of the orchid grotto

In addition to getting a thorough cleaning this past month, the grotto also gained a new full-time resident.

Nearly a dozen KDOC members assembled between the buildings of the Daifukuji Soto Mission on March 29, as group two was scheduled for grotto maintenance. Rev. Jiko was there to greet the group, and a nomadic Buddha finally found a permanent home, resting peacefully amongst the orchids in the grotto. Nellie got the statue from her son, Kevin, awhile back, and after some time Nellie gave it to Carol.

“On the day of the cleanup, it dawned on me that maybe the statue would be even greater belonging to the garden,” Carol said.

So Carol and Nellie loaded the Buddha statue up and brought it to the temple, and Rev. Jiko said it was okay with her to place it in the garden. Then Gary carried the statue from the car and carefully placed it in the middle of the grotto.

“The orchid garden is beautiful and healthy because of the love and care it regularly receives from KDOC members,” said Rev. Jiko. “The new Buddha statue exudes an aura of tranquility. I also send a BIG mahalo to your group of volunteers.”

An orchid blooms at the base of the Buddha statue in the orchid grotto behind Kannon Hall at the Daifukuji Soto TempleThe Buddha statue blends perfectly with the grotto, and looks as if it had been there from the start. It provides an ideal focal point from the window inside Kannon Hall, looking out towards the Columbarium.

As for the monthly maintenance and cleaning, dead leaves were cleared and weeds were eradicated.

“Just wanted to express my appreciation and happiness as to the number of people that showed up on Saturday willing to work!” said group two leader, June, who organized and oversaw the cleanup.

“Earlier at the March meeting, I thought we would only have a handful of people but over a dozen showed up eager to work and before you know it, we were done in less that an hour!

“What a great start way to start the day! Nancy Shibata’s son, Wendell, offered to join us as he wanted to see how the grotto was progressing since he helped with the project last year when it first got started.

A miltonia blooms in the orchid grotto in March“Dick was out there with his torch, Carol cleaned the pond, while the rest of us weeded and clipped our way through. Stephanie, thanks for not leaving on one of your wonderful boating adventures this month so you could join us (you can go after this week, but come back before the next one, ok?). Thank you, Fern, for picking up Alice for this fun day. Ana, thanks for making time in your busy day as you had another volunteer activity later in the day. Gary, thanks for being a great assistant to work with and the bigger trash bags. Lastly, thanks to June’s husband, Miles, who was asked to come so we could leave for Hilo soon after.”

“Many mahalos again to everyone, this is what makes being part of the club so enjoyable! You guys were simply awesome!”

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