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Which Orchid to Grow?

Gerrit Takasaki of Hawaii Hybrids in Hilo was on hand to discuss finding the right orchid at the monthly Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on May 14.

Outside the rain which poured throughout the night, with the omnipresent coquíes competing with the P.A. system inside for the ears attention.

“Ah, it really feels like home!” said Takasaki with a laugh. “The weather, the singing … and of course all these beautiful orchids.”
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Sheldon Speaks

Sheldon Takasaki of Carmela Orchids and his wife Pearl joined us in April. Sheldon shared an interesting presentation about Carmela Orchids that he had previously shown to a group in Miami. His talk focused on the history of marketing orchids throughout the years and he noted how the trends and markets had shifted. He is now growing about 50% cattleyas and also big vandas.
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