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Orchids on Display

The show and tell orchids got to participate in the monthly activities at the KDOC meeting on September 11, as Cheeta gave a hands-on program on how to set up different arrangements. She began by explaining the different types of …
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Rooting for Vandas

Vanda orchids are highly prized in horticulture for their showy, fragrant, long-lasting and intensely colorful flowers.
So it’s no wonder that vandas caught the eye of Karen Kimmerle of Island Sun Orchids in Kapoho, who gave a vanda presentation at the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club monthly meeting on August 14.
“Vandas are a love of mine,” Kimmerle said. “Colors are just fabulous, but I also love the patterns.”
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Zen and the Art of Orchid Maintenace

We all know that orchids are beautiful, but what really sets one apart from the others?

Walter Scheeren, a judge for the American Orchid Society as well as an avid orchid grower, stopped by the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on July 10 to offer a few helpful tips on preparing orchids for exhibition.

“In general, it doesn’t matter what kind of orchid it is … worry about the roots,” Scheeren said. “If you have good roots, you will have a good plant.”
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How to grow a monster

Roy Tokunaga didn’t want to just grow orchids, he wanted to grow large orchids. Very large.

And after years of perfecting his craft, Tokunaga was on hand at the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club’s monthly meeting on June 12 to share some of his extensive knowledge with his specimen plant culture presentation.
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Repotting Dendrobiums

Hundreds of dendrobiums were donated to be used in the grotto, and some of that surplus overflowed into the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club’s monthly meeting on May 8.

Each member was allowed to select two orchids, and then Betty Matsuo showed the club how to prepare their dendrobiums for repotting.
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Roy Tokunaga to speak at June KDOC meeting

Roy Tokunaga of H&R Nurseries in Waimanalo on Oahu will be the guest speaker at KDOC’s monthly meeting on June 12. In addition to his duties at the world renowned H&R, Roy is a long time member of the Honolulu Orchid Society and an accredited American Orchid Society judge.

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Getting Creative with Dendrobiums

May’s program is titled “Creatively Planting Dendrobiums.” The KDOC will be repotting or mounting dendrobiums donated by Gary Chen of Winning Orchids. Members should bring a pot, hapu, bark, a rock, or whatever they would like to attach their orchid to. The more unusual and creative idea the better!
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Dissecting Cymbidiums

Cymbidiums may not be native to Hawaii like the bamboo orchid, but it has become a true kama’aina on its own.

Sure, most orchids can survive in Hawaii with the proper amount of attention and care, but Cymbidiums are perfectly suited for life in paradise “as is” needing the absolute bare minimum in order to not just survive, but thrive.

This was the focal point of the Cymbidum talk-story given by Bob and Jennifer Harris of Orchidpeople at the monthly KDOC meeting on April 10.
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March Madness

There were times at the March monthly meeting when the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club felt a bit divided, and not just because groups were re-organized before break.

Apparently some rumors had been flying around about the grotto project, and not all of it was positive. Dick was justifiably confused, and addressed the group saying he had spoken to Rev. Jiko numerous times about the grotto and she was in full support.
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Sharing is Caring

Bring your overgrown orchids to this month’s meeting to divide and donate a plant to hospice. Bring enough to share with members too, or just donate an orchid.

The club will provide pots, bark, fertilizer, and labeling sticks. Bring some cutters and newspaper for your area.

Orchids donated to hospice are a tax deduction. Besides, those neglected orchids of yours needed to be repotted anyway.
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