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March Madness

There were times at the March monthly meeting when the Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club felt a bit divided, and not just because groups were re-organized before break.

Apparently some rumors had been flying around about the grotto project, and not all of it was positive. Dick was justifiably confused, and addressed the group saying he had spoken to Rev. Jiko numerous times about the grotto and she was in full support.
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Grotto Update

Even though we didn’t make it to the grotto itself that first day, the progress was well worth it. By cleaning up that far side of the building it became not only easy to walk on, but a spot which could easily be planted out and made into a garden in its own right. We took something ugly and unused and made it usable, and with time and care it will grow more and more beautiful by the day.
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Orchids on the Rocks?

Rev. Jiko is very pleased that the KDOC is doing the Orchid Grotto for the Temple. Located in a narrow corridor above Kannon Hall, the proposed grotto would replace the essentially unused 13-foot wide gap between the main building and the Columbarium. The garden would mostly be seen from the four large picture windows inside Kannon Hall, but would also be prominently visible from the interior walkway connecting the two buildings.
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