The Elephant Outside the Room

Noisy neighbors were a concern at the monthly Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club meeting on November 13, and that refers more than just the coquis. Some of the tenants behind Teshimas had their stereo cranked up so loud one could easily have thought there was an all-night club next door.

Naturally nobody wants to be rude, but the noise was so loud it was often hard for anyone in the audience to hear the speaker unless they were sitting in the front row, which is rude to the club’s guests. The best solution would be for those noisy neighbors to quiet down, so we can only hear the coquis; but, in case that doesn’t happen, a viable solution would be to get the microphone working again and use the P.A. system. Then even if there are noisy distractions, at least everyone will be able to hear.

The club discussed the issue at the November meeting, as it was impossible not to notice, and it was decided that the club simply needs to purchase another long microphone extension cord. The cord the club previously had has mysteriously disappeared.

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