The Orchid Isle Project

vanda miss joaquimThe Hilo Orchid Society has launched a project to help the island of Hawaii more fully live up to its nickname, the Orchid Isle.  This nickname was given to the island after World War II, when whole fields were devoted to growing Vandas, and millions of blooms were exported.

Today, although orchid growing is still an important industry, and orchids grow easily outdoors in our perfect climate, the sense that orchids make this island a special place has faded.

The goal of the Orchid Isle Project is to rekindle the appreciation of orchids by placing orchids in public places such as parks and airports, as well as encouraging businesses and homeowners to place orchids on their properties where passers-by can see them, so that everywhere you go on the island you will see orchids.

The result will make our island a more beautiful place, which is good for the tourism industry, good for the island’s orchid growers, and good for everyone who lives here.

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