Orchidpeople Cymbidium talk-story

For over 30 years Jennifer and I grew cool growing standard cymbidiums as a hobby at our home on the coast of Northern California where the climate was perfect for them. In 2003 we moved to Hawaii and brought 50 of our plants with us. Because we were living in Hawi we kept the cool growing plants at a friend’s house in Waimea.

In 2004 we came to a KDOC sale at Keahou shopping center where we met Yosie who had the first warm growing cymbidium we’d ever seen. It was a lovely dark red mini cymbidum which was a no name. We asked about getting a division but Yoshie said it was already promised to someone else.

About 3 years later we were surprised to get a phone call from Yoshie saying she now had a division for us of that cymbidium. We were so surprised she remembered but very delighted. In the course of our conversation Yoshie asked us if we would like to talk to the club. By this point we had already expanded our small back yard nursery to several thousand plants and were delighted to get the chance to speak to the club!!

We found many of the club members receptive to our talk and bought many of the plants.. Later we saw many of those plants at the monthly table .. Blooming profusely under the care of many of the members.

Over the next few years we expanded our nursery and have been producing cut flower cool growing cymbidiums and breeding and selecting warm tolerant potted plants.

We are happy to speak again to the club and tell you what new things we have learned about how to care for your cymbidiums, which will work for your climate, and how to understand what it is that makes them special to us.

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